Il Gelsomino ritrovato Agriturismo Milazzo Messina Sicilia


A well-known singer used to sing about Sicily: “there will be a place made of lava and sun where people know it is time for a change, there will be a place where people still fish and the sea will bring a new tale…”

I have always regarded from afar this mysterious island where I was born, enthralled by a spell which has not lost its power throughout the years. Going there every summer, I learnt to appreciate the island’s colours, flavours, unforgettable scents, like the one of the jasmins my father used to grow on the land where today my little hotel stands.

Following don Nino's and donna Maria valuable advice, you will be able to appreciate the scents of our land, and at the same time to taste such fresh products as aubergines, tomatoes, zucchini, and all the fruits and vegetables typical of my region.

And then, with a few minutes’ walk or in a wink by bicycle, you can reach the gorgeous west beach, facing the Eolie Islands; there in the evening you will enjoy unforgettable sunsets, when the sun literally plunges into the sea.

Well, there is nothing left for me to do, but to wait for you at my hotel, to offer you the simplicity which is typical of the important things, such as is for me “Il gelsomino ritrovato” (“The New-found Jasmine”).


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Agriturismo "Il Gelsomino Ritrovato" di Alessandro David Gemelli
Via Santa Marina, 124/E - 98057 Milazzo (ME)
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